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Former first lady Michelle Obama introduces her newest endeavor, The Michelle Obama podcast. For many worldwide, Michelle Obama is a representation of hope and a clear representation that women, specifically, Black women can be beautiful, intelligent, influential, and powerful.

Today we will coin the W.W.M.S. acronym (what will Michelle say) as more often than not, many would wonder what Michelle Obama has to say about many of the topics that are usually on our minds. And, she brings family, friends, and colleagues too!

If you're a crime and mystery enthusiasts, who enjoy sorting through conspiracies, and putting the pieces together to figure out the specifics of a case, true-crime podcast, Atlanta Monster would fit your fancy. It is the hope of Host, Payne Lindsey to uncover the truth, bring closure as he discusses one of the darkest and most sadistic times in Atlanta history, the murders of 25 Black children and young adults.

We love to discover new podcasts, especially those led by Black women. As Black women begin to enter into the podcasting space, we can now hear the different perspectives, experiences, and opinions of Black women outside of mainstream avenues.

Okay, Now Listen is that podcast that provides a Black women's perspective. Media influencer Scottie Beam and Sylvia Obell, entertainment journalist, offers a realistic and down-to-earth viewpoint on many of today's hottest topics - specifically, topics that can speak from and to the Black experience. While this podcast is fairly new, there is quite a buzz surrounding it. If you haven't yet checked out this new podcast, check-in!

Small Doses with Amanda Seales, one of the more popular podcasts led by a Black woman, delivers an unapologetic-ally, sometimes controversial, intellectual viewpoint that you may not find quite popular amongst the masses. "I'm not for everybody" is one of her mantras, and it's very apparent when it comes to her analysis and intellectual lens on human relations and the social dynamic.

Not being afraid to passionately express herself, she continues to bring her potent truths for her listeners everyday use.

Go Off Sis Podcast is one of our newest discoveries. Listening to this podcast gives you the feeling that you're sitting in your living room sofa discussing topics that matter the most with close family and friends. They discuss topics from friendships to workplace relations. Here is yet another podcast that lends itself into the Black women's experience and what it's like to be a Black woman living in America. The artwork is also amazing as well!

"A podcast that doesn't just discuss hip hop, it makes it." (Poetics)

It's always a pleasantry to discover podcasts that adds the extra element of creativity and design. The podcast, Poetics, does just that for us. While the audience can travel the minds of some of the most profound hip hop artists of our time, we get to experience how they create, why they create, and most important, watch them create in real-time.

Join Actor, creator, and poetry enthusiasts Omari Hardwick, as he and his guests seamlessly connect prose to hip hop. Poetics first season ended with 17 episodes that included interviews from the likes of 50 Cent, Marsha Ambrosius, Big Daddy Kane, and Fat Joe. Hopefully, there will be a Season 2 of Poetics.

Don't let the cheeky name of this podcast fool you. This multi-faceted podcast touches on topics from self-acceptance, to self-love, from religion to cultural and social issues, which are then connected and based around sexuality.

Together, four self proclaimed Queer feminists from New York City bring their unique and humorous perspective on life experiences as representatives of the LGBTQIA+ community. Join them as they navigate life on their terms.

Straight from the boogie down Bronx are two self-proclaimed womanist race nerds who are attempting to dismantle white supremacy and systems that threaten progress towards a more just society - and they do this with a bit of humor!

These two will keep you informed as well as entertained on their weekly podcast.


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