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We are now in the second week of 2022! And, as life is so precious and delicate, it's very important that we all take the time to celebrate what's good in life, through celebrating our wins! Often times it is so easy to get caught up with what's wrong in life, what's not fair, what shouldn't be, and what should be. This can easily consume us and leave us feeling exhausted, resentful, and negative. Being in this cloudy state will blind us to the good that oftentimes, is right in front of us.

As we all attempt to live and continue creating during one of the most trying times of our lives, we must always do our best to celebrate our wins! Our wins don't have to necessarily involve signing a contract to a major podcast network (though that would be amazing for any podcaster), OR getting a major sponsor for our podcast, OR getting a million downloads. A win could be that you were able to continue podcasting despite not feeling like it. A win could be that you gained an extra listener, even if it's just one. A win could be that instead of doing one episode this week, you did two. A win could be a fan contacting you and saying that they love your podcast. Most importantly, a win could be you waking up and being able to do it all over again! The more that we celebrate how we win in life, the more wins we will see in life!

How are you winning? Why not let us know so we can celebrate your wins through a post! OR you can simply share your wins with the community by replying to this post OR emailing us at in the subject line write "MY WINS" and tell us all about it!

Stay positive and podcast!


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