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Essence magazine's own, and Yes, Girl! podcast hosts, Charli Penn and Cori Murray brings that Black girl magic and cutting edge view on today's ultra-modern and contemporary issues - whilst presenting to their target audience an intimate look into the lives of our most respected and beloved celebrities of color. Their award nominated podcast is lively, informative, but most importantly, Yes Girl! podcast pushes Black culture forward each and every Thursday through their advantageous approach to sharing Black stories, and the Black experience.

In addition to podcasting, you can find both Charli Penn and Cori Murray lending their perspectives and insight as Senior Editors at Essence Magazine.

Tea Time with LovelyTi is our People's magazine in audio form. When you want the latest scoop on today's trendiest and hottest topics in pop culture, hip hop, and YouTube drama, Tea Time UNFILTERED will not disappoint. LovelyTi's raw and unfiltered talking points are engaging as well informative. But, most important, exciting.

Though many gossip bloggers get an enormous amount of flack for what they do, secretly everyone enjoys a good gossip session every now and again. Oh, and did we mention she's also a influencer on YouTube?

What do you get when you combine a college professor/psychologist and a tech oriented motivational speaker who are outfitted with the knowledge, experience and understanding of what it is to be a Black female living in today's world? And, a world that regularly chooses not to renowned the Black woman? You get H.E.R Space, which is a podcast that seeks to create a safe space for Black and women of color, that in their words, to Every Friday, Dr. Dominique Broussard, and Terri Loma discuss social, emotional and medical issues that often times affect women of color and just women overall. Through H.E.R Space (Healing, Empowerment, Resilience) the creators hope to inspire, encourage and relate to women across the board through their uplifting conversations through a Black woman's experience.

Have you ever wondered what your favorite and hottest influencers in hip-hop and R&B opinions are when it comes to relationships, intimacy, sex and the bedroom? Join one of the most influential voices in radio, Brooklyn extraordinaire Angela Yee, (host of Lip Service) as she and her friends delve into some of the most outrageous and riskiest conversations about sex and relationships. Discussions and questions about sex that you might've been too afraid to ask or too embarrass to think about, may just be covered on this podcast.

During a time when racial and social injustices are prevalent, podcasts such as Come Through with Rebecca Carroll can bring much needed insight, and understanding. She brings meaningful dialogue about race, and the many systems that are affected by it. Relevant discussions concerning employment, the arts, global sustainability, healthcare, and the role that race plays in these sectors are dissected one conversation at a time. Join Host, Rebecca Carroll as she explores topics with influential individuals gaining their perspectives, and sharing the relevancy of their experiences to relevant topics of the day.

Have you ever visited the beautiful continent of Australia? Have you ever wondered what life is like for the Aborigines? Have you ever wondered about the culture? The media? Indigenous radio broadcasters? If your answer is no, AWAYE is a great podcast to get a taste of this beautiful place and people. Likewise, if you have, this is a great podcast to remind you of all the beauty that is of Australia and the Aborigines. Join AWAYE, the podcast, as they provide and interesting lens into the exciting culture of the Indigenous people of Australia.

As we just finished celebrating Pride for the month of June, it is only right that we highlight one of our own - a New York City podcast that is not only critically-acclaimed but lends their platform to providing an opportunity for queer voices and stories to be shared and heard. And, what makes this podcast make you want to say "awe" the podcast is hosted by best friends. How awesome is that? While neither of their names may not be Nancy, NANCY, the podcast, takes you on a very interesting and entertaining journey which highlights the hosts and the interesting "others".

If there ever was a time for Black women and girls alike to seek balanced in life, that time is now. This is why Balanced Black Girl podcast is such a relevant podcast to listen to, during times of unrest, and uncertainty. This podcast is dedicated and is purposeful in helping women (especially Black women) seek avenues and positive solutions to reach their higher self. The ultimate goal via Balanced Black Girl is to help women feel the best and be the best that they can be through practical and realistic advice.


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