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July's Notable Podcasters -The Power of Authenticity in Audio

The Power of Authenticity in Audio: Remaining Authentic in a Racially Charged Society in partnership with The Black & Brown Podcast Collective – Wednesday, July 28th at 7 PM ET

As a podcaster of color, how do you remain authentic to your unique voice, and experience in a racially charged society?

Many podcasters of color desire to express their authentic selves, and viewpoints without constraints. However, how do podcasters of color in a racially charged society find that perfect medium without compromising who they are?

Join The Gotham’s Expanding Communities program in partnership with The Black & Brown Podcast Collective on Wednesday, July 28th at 7 PM ET for a discussion on remaining authentic and true to one’s experience. Specifically, you’ll hear podcasters share tips on how to stay authentic to your unique story and voice.

Expanding Communities is a program dedicated to providing a space for those with Disabilities, Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and LGBTQIA+ creators (film, TV, and audio) and organizations to host discussions that expand the awareness of topics significant to underrepresented voices as well as provide an opportunity for the creators and organizations to reach new audiences.

Featuring audio creatives & producers David Brown, Taylor Camille, Melissa Daniel & Janicia Francis as they discuss how they maintain their authenticity in audio!


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