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Melyssa and Blue are there for the food and so are we! Grown, relevant, humorous and sprinkled with sophistication, I'm Here for the Food podcast is instantly refreshing and perfect for today's modern women. Unlucky in love, questions about self, friendship, business and finances, this podcast is all encompassing. Actress, writer, and model, Melyssa Ford, and cohost, comedian and writer Blue Telusma and their guests, share their eventful experiences, while they offer perspectives that are relatable and unique to the experience that only a woman can relate to. More than just nuanced storytelling, this podcast provides just the right amount of relatability and ease that is needed to create an environment that is neither pandering nor scolding but rather introspective and entertaining. From dating, to the entertainment industry, you name it, they're discussing it.

Addendum - Blue Telusma is no longer a co-host on Melyssa Ford's I'm Here For the Food Podcast. This podcast was created and is the brainchild of Melyssa Ford.

“A space for and about Brown moms.”

Introducing Tika Sumpter and Thai Randolph's podcast...


Fact. There aren't a lot of platforms specifically tailored to and for moms of color. So, when Tika Sumpter brought the idea of having a podcast dedicated to discussing and delving into issues that are unique to moms of color to Thai Randolph, it was only a matter of time before The Suga was created. According to their podcast trailer, Tika and Thai promises to focus on issues, and facilitate the necessary conversations that sometimes moms - specifically, those of color might be afraid to have. Their ultimate goal and focus is to create a safe space where moms of color are comfortable to be their authentic self. "We want to create a space for and about Brown moms." (Tika & Thai) Moms, if you're out there, tune into The Suga as this podcast might be, what you never thought you needed in your life.

Tika Sumpter is an Actress, Producer and Model. Thai Randolph is the EVP/Manager of the Laugh Out Loud Network.


For most of us, we were introduced to Demetria Lucas as one of the successful ladies spotlighted on Bravo's Blood Sweat & Heels. We watched this belle in Brooklyn navigate through life trying to create balance between professional and personal matters. And, now she has extended her extensive resume to include Podcaster. Respectable & Ratchet is a podcast where Demetria lends her opinion and insight on current events, entertainment and all things pop culture. She says the things you are thinking sans the fluff. We can't see Demetria as ratchet, but this podcast is certainly respectable. Oh, and by the way, it was through the Ratchet & Respectable podcast where we were introduced to The Suga Podcast.


It's no easy task being Black, being a woman and being an introvert. Just ask Introverted Black Girl of the Introverted Black Girl podcast. The Introverted Black Girl podcast was the first podcast that gave us a true glimpse of what life is like being a Black, quiet woman living in New York City. Introverted Black Girl, a.k.a. IBG, takes you on specific journeys from internships, friendships, dating, job experiences, and familial relationships which then leads to the most hilarious, logical analysis that one may not have ever thought of. One thing is for certain and that is, this Introverted Black Girl has common sense. She sees things a bit differently and she's not afraid to say it. Moreover, if you're interested in seeing life through the lens of an introverted Black girl living and pursuing big dreams in the big city, tune into this podcast.

Sidenote: This podcast will be the first podcaster on "Podumentary" - poduseries "Why I Podcast."


This podcast gives you a taste of the entire African Diaspora in music. Starting as a public radio show in the 1980's, decades later host Georges Collinet, is still enlightening and inspiring and putting the world onto the international African music scene. Afrobeats may be the popular choice of today hence Burna Boy, Teckno, Davido, but Afropop Worldwide saw the wave a long time ago, approximately 40 years ago. If you're in the mood for some international flavor, Afropop Worldwide is the answer.


BBPF just became aware of this international podcast! South Africa's African Tech Roundup is a media group based in Johannesburg that produces content that focuses on Africa's digital technology, innovation, economy, finance, and entrepreneurship in podcast form. The content of this podcast keeps us informed as to the progress Africa is making on a global technological scale - as well as giving us an insightful analysis of their innovative systems. It's always great to understand and be made aware of the strides Africa is making in regards to technology.


We're taking a trip to the UK to spend some time with Yusuff and Gina as they discuss their life, and their entertaining take on the most current topics in the news and the "going-on's" in their immediate circle. Listening to this podcast would make you feel as if you're sitting amongst friends, chilling and just overall having a great time. While listening to this podcast you start to realize that though you may have to cross an ocean to get to the UK, you will see that we all think, go through and somewhat say the same things but just in a different dialect. They are your friends from overseas.


A podcast featuring five young Black ambitious millennial females who seem to be creating and playing by their own rules will always be notable in our book! Created and led by Scottie Beam Gia Peppers, Sapphira, Bex Francois and Alysha P, Black Girl Podcast, is that podcast that young Black millennial women can utilized for inspiration. These ladies share their experiences and provide relevancy in their opinions on hot topics - specifically topics that are relevant to women of color. One of the aspects that we admire about this podcast, is that they are real-life friends, showing the world that friendships can be cultivated and extend to form something great and admirable.


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