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If you ever wondered where are the Blacks in Tech, Black Tech Unplugged the podcast brings them straight to your ears. Host Deena McKay shares the journey of influential Black leaders and emerging entrepreneurs in tech one story at a time. Listen as they discuss their triumphs, setbacks, and lessons learned as they made their way to success in the world of tech. Deena says, "each episode is meant to inspire, motivate, and empower those in tech or looking to get into the industry."

As we're living in a time where racial injustice is prevalent amongst communities of color, we must have voices who can articulate and share narratives that empower, uplifts to push positive change and move the culture forward. Momentum: A Race Forward Podcast intends to broaden our racial justice lens and inspire the masses to drive us to positive action. Join co-hosts Chevon and Hiba as they share their perspectives in culture, race, and society as they intend to build momentum for communities of color.

According to the journal, The Conversation, "Black youth in the U.S. experience more illness, poverty, and discrimination than their white counterparts." Raising Black children and adolescents in a time of racial unrest can even have further negative implications. And, having a podcast that creates a safe space for parents of color to seek credible and relatable advice is more critical now more than ever. Join host Dr. Jacqueline Douge in What is Black podcast as she focuses on issues that are important to raising balanced and healthy Black children in a society that can sometimes prove to be counter-productive to their well-being.

If you were to create a survey asking random people to name at least five traditional indigenous foods, most would have a level of difficulty reciting them (we would too). Toasted Sister, the podcast focuses on providing awareness of long lost traditional indigenous foods. Join Andy Murphy, host of Toasted Sister, as she keeps traditional native foods alive through highlighting native chefs and foodies in her community.

Who wouldn't want to tune into a self-proclaimed hood therapist? Sayith Loud, the podcast, describes itself as a podcast who can go from being ratchet to refined with a comedic twist sprinkled with a little (insert explicative here). Catch Karyn Elle on Sayith Loud as she provides the audience with her take on love, life, and raising millennials.

It's always interesting to gain new perspectives from new people from different worlds and walks of life. The podcast, The Nitty Gritty with Ash & Kita, does just that. When it comes to love, relationships, and wellness, both Ash & Kita delivers their truth and their perspectives in their most honest way.

As we're all experiencing and living in the time of COVID-19, Josie Ong's Affirmation Podcast, can provide a positive alternative for those who seek relief from negative thoughts and feelings. If you're looking for a podcast that reiterates self-love and positivity, check out the 24/7 Affirmation Podcast.


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