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There isn't a podcaster on earth that doesn't want to be recognized for the tireless work they do, and for the quality content that they create! Because realistically, podcasting isn't easy - especially when it's not materializing the way we want it to! Podcasting takes discipline, consistency, a knack for presenting good topics and information that keeps the listener interested and coming back! So, when there is an opportunity for a podcaster to be recognized for their hard work, it's a no-brainer that the podcaster should jump on it.

The 2022 Award season is fast approaching, and applications from various credible award organizations (e.g., Webby Awards) will be opening up. At that time potential awardees would be able to submit their podcast through an application process for award consideration. But at times, fees are involved, and sometimes they can be a bit hefty. That's why Podcasting Seriously along with LWC, Pacific Content, AIR media, Triton, and Acast created a fund to reimburse your award application fees!

Find out more information on the criteria and how to apply by pressing this link:


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