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September's Notable Podcasts - National Hispanic Heritage Month

We are highlighting Hispanic podcasters in celebration of National Hispanic Heritage month! Recognizing a few Hispanic American champions in podcasting!

Presenting stories of the Puerto Rican Experience! In this reflective seven-part podcast series, we find how la brega has shaped and influenced life in Puerto Rico. A podcast production by WNYC and Futuro Studios.

Led by Adriana Alejandre, (LMFT) LatinX Therapy podcast intends to break the stigma in mental health and wellness in the LatinX community.

LatinX in Power podcast brings LatinX leaders in tech and all walks of life to discuss their journey, and provide insightful advice while appreciating the Hispanic culture through their work.

A Spanish learning podcast designed to teach and strengthen your Spanish speaking skills in 10 minutes or less.

Conversations with Latinx- Americans across the country who are excited to share their achievements and hope to inspire listeners (apple)


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