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As there is somewhat of a stigma attached to women in their 40's, there is a particular fear and anxiety often expressed by women approaching their 40's. Society at times echoed sentiments that when a woman turns 40, she should be married, with family and by society standards, attained a certain level of success. "Society makes us feel that we have to have it all together at forty plus. We're still living, growing, and this is the best time to reinvent ourselves, Tanisha Quiled-Williams, producer and writer of Forties AF podcast explains.

Forties AF, a scripted dramedy podcast explores what life is like for three single forty-somethings who will show the world that life is what you make it, no matter the age.

"Making time for we time and me time." (The Broomstick Podcast)

The Broomstick Podcast is a wonderful podcast that is geared towards weddings, relationships and marriage. Natalie provides sound advice to help women navigate their way through life's task and finding that perfect balanced between self, family and healthy relationships.

Sit Down Sis Podcast is a podcast that is focused and centered on issues that impact Black women. Discussions surrounding colorism, double standards, and dating are just some of the topics that Grace, the host, dissects. She never holds back, as conversations are raw and candid. Grace is also the founder and editor-in-chief of an online publication she created for Black women, Sorella Magazine (

There aren't many podcasts from women of color who are carving out a lane in the music podcasting space. Alisha Jones, from the Lituation Room, is doing just that. Catch Alisha interviewing music and media influencers as she uncovers their stories and experiences.

Tune into her latest episode, "Building Your Own Table in the Music Industry" as she sits with music industry veteran Junae Brown, shares her journey from music marketer to entrepreneur.

People of color are making great strides in the field of medicine, and they are breaking barriers. Black Men in White Coats the Podcast, by Dr. Dale, has created a space to highlight Black men in medicine. But, not only to highlight these men but also to show the masses that Black Men in White Coats exists to encourage others to become Black men in white coats.


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