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Podcast discovery on major podcast distribution platforms can be quite overwhelming. As there are new #podcasts created by content creators of color entering into the podcast space, and with the constant publishing of new episodes, The Curated #Playlists (a.k.a. #podcast #playlists) creates another way to promote podcasters and content creators of color, and for listeners and potential fans to discover these creators and allies.

For the first rollout of this new initiative, in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Black History Month, The Black & Brown Podcast Collective have curated a podcast playlist that highlights specific podcasts episodes that encourages learning, thought, and sharing of history, and the Black experience in which listeners can enjoy and share.

The curated featured playlist can be found HERE. Listeners can also find an additional playlist of new episodes (EPISODIC) by various podcasters and content creators of color on The Black & Brown Podcast Collective’s website.

Updated and themed podcast playlists will be available on the site.

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