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What could have ended due to an unexpected pandemic that put many initiatives on hold blossomed into something greater than initially intended. The Black & Brown Podcast Collective was birth during one of the roughest times in our generation. Not only a platform for content creators to network but also a platform to gain tangible resources. Out of that, the first-ever ongoing podcasting grant was awarded to podcasters and content creators this past year. Out of all the grant initiatives, Black Women, the Experience Podcast grant was by far a crucial step towards amplifying the voices of Black women across the United States of America.

Our first cohort of grant recipients included a wide array of voices, experiences, and narratives for and by Black female podcasters. Some of our podcast grant recipients included "The Thought Card," a podcast that provides travel and financial advice. "Beyond Our Cells," a podcast dedicated to highlighting triumphant stories of individuals who were able to overcome their immediate conditions and create something unique.

The parenting Cipher, a podcast, that creates a safe space for Black families who are navigating their child's disabilities and the education system. Broke, Gifted & Black" a podcast that interviews creatives from all industries who share their unique journey of turning their passions into a living. These are just some of our recipients for this first cohort. And we are excited to award our second cohort in 2021!

As we move forward in amplifying Black women's voices, we desire to provide better funding and opportunities, which can support and increase the voices of Black women!


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